vanvliet zappa_If Charlie Parker 090520

A seat at this table would have been priceless.

[Image from here by way of link from here.]

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3 Responses to “CB & FZ”

  1. John M. Says:

    No doubt.

    This is like a partial “five people I’d like to have lunch with”.


  2. cbullitt Says:

    CB was always a bit toooo outre for me. I’d have rather stumbled into the Rainbow Theatre when Frank, Eric and John Lennon were all playing together–even if I couldn’t sit at the table.


  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    John– My lunch list is mostly populated by dead people, so I guess the conversation would be kinda one sided, and I don’t think I’d have much of an appetite either.

    cbull– You ever read about Vliet’s childhood? It explains a lot.


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