1968 was the year to get Dodge fever.


Crenshaw Dodge was open daily AND Sunday. If you squint, you can still see the ghost of the dealership.

Adjusted for inflation, $3,014 is about $21,500 in 2017 dollars for one of the classic muscle cars. Overpriced? 50 years later they’re selling for twice as much, and more.

[Ad found here. 2018 listings found here.]


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5 Responses to “1968 was the year to get Dodge fever.”

  1. ksbeth Says:



  2. Leonard Jones Says:

    I can’t believe I still remembered this. There was a Chevy dealer
    in Norwalk called Dial Chevrolet. They had a jingle that contained
    the address: “11980 Firestone, Dial Chevrolet.” I just typed in the
    address and got an immediate hit. Some of the old businesses
    in the Los Angeles area still rattle around in my head.

    One of my all-time favorites is the old Zachary All men’s clothing
    store which featured the “Eddy are you kidding me?” line that
    Flo and Eddie performed with Frank Zappa when they were with
    the Mothers Of Invention. A lot of businesses back in the 60s
    listed the ancient telephone exchange prefixes like the one
    in the Dodge ad you posted!


  3. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Leonard– Glad I sparked memories. I’d forgotten about the Mothers’ song.

    As for car dealer ads, “Here’s Cal Worthington and his dog Spot!” were some of my favorites. “If you don’t get a good deal, I’ll stand on my head and eat a bug.”


    • Leonard Jones Says:

      Cal Worthington and C.W. Womphomper (a 19th-century wagon
      dealer) was no doubt the inspiration for our current president.
      The art of the deal is all about starting out high and letting the
      customer dicker you down to the price you had in mind all along.
      90 percent of the time the dealer got above MSRP, and the customer
      got to go home and tell his wife “Honey I bought the new car today,
      and boy did is screw the salesman!”

      This caused another lightbulb to go off over my head: Ralph
      Williams. His first dealership was in the Los Angeles area.
      This is a spoof by his TV spokesman for his Bay Area

      The Democrats are out of their depth:


      • Bunk Strutts Says:

        Hilarious. Thanks for that.
        These days dealers don’t stay in business long by screwing people because the word gets out. The old high-pressure guys played nasty.

        Someone comes in to trade in their car and make a deal, then finds out that his keys are on the roof of the building and can’t get them back until he transfers ownership and seals the deal. A big league auto sales manager told me that he once worked for a place that did just that.

        Not a good way to expand the business.


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