The .Gif Friday Post No. 711 – Dilloballs, Mash Mess & A Big Whoop

[h/t Rightymouse for the Dilloballs, Sour Mash Dump from here, found Whoopi’s Christmas igno-rant accidentally.]

Wish you were here.

It’s the tallest building west of the Mississippi, and those guys are perched on the spire atop the Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles, in September 2016. The spire is purely decorative, serves no purpose other than to support a beacon (and perhaps an ego, IMO).

[Image found here.]

Superbowl Sunday Balls


Wilson‘s playing the entire game, boys. Protect him.

(Wot’s that? You haven’t prepared anything for your self-invited guests? Bunk’s Chili is here. 1 hour prep, 1 hour cooking and you’re done.)

The .Gif Friday Post No.360 – Escalator Mall Balls

Escalator Balls 1

Escalator Balls 2

Escalator Balls 3

It takes *ahem* balls to pull off this amount of awesome. I’d have been trapped for hours herding the strays back onto the incline.

[Found here.]

Another Great Gift Idea

I love rural hand-painted highway signs that are spelled correctly and get right to the point, like this one. (Note that the pavement is blackened from all the cars screeching to a stop upon spotting this effective advertisement).

[Found here.]

Black Balled

Nope, it’s not an art project. The video from the LA Times kinda sorta explains it… In any case, 400,000 black balls are saving the planet or something.

[Image from here.]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Just a reminder: Tomorrow, 17 June 2008 – Firefox Guinness Book of World Records Download! Pass it on!]

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