The .gif Friday Post No.92 – Evolution & Ballistics

evolution_Animated Gifs 090806

Bullet_Bits and Pieces 090805

Pong_Animated Gifs 090806

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

8 thoughts on “The .gif Friday Post No.92 – Evolution & Ballistics”

  1. This post sort of covers it all: birth into life, the shocking possibility of death, and the incredibly silly stuff we do with the precious time we have. Not that silly isn’t important…it’s how I spend the bulk of my time.


  2. Oh dear

    Great Cis-Pondian sympathies to this Bright Young Man’s Family … and to you and yours

    SchPlutter …. my fragile words cannot comprehend this (sadly I am not a John Donne)

    Kind regards


  3. G Eagle– I spent much of that day blasting trolls off of the newspaper’s website. Fortunately the worst of the evil comments were deleted before the family of the deceased could see them.

    My daughter was to be at that party, but Ms. Strutts and I had grounded her for being, well, a mouthy teenager, a rare occurrence in this house. In retrospect, and after hearing the reports of the accident, we’re relieved she didn’t attend, but Bunkessa doesn’t see it that way.

    I didn’t know the kid except by name, but it reminded me of a high school friend who lost his life also. Thank you for your kind words, I’ll pass them on.


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