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All I Need Tonight (Is You), Gentleman Jesse & His Men (2019) Live at Fuzzville #5, L’Albir, Valencia, Spain. 1970s garage punk for the ears of today.


Old friends.


Victims of ancestry.

Power washing p0rn.

The 10th Amendment.

This is not a baby crow.

How To Mind Your Business.

Tell me again. Whose choice?

Up the turbine via Bunkerville.

George and Mabel (The Real Story).

Invasions de Ballons via Mme. Jujujive.

Nobudtaka Aozaki made a map h/t Gord S.

One-room roller coaster via Memo Of The Air.

A simple request: A friend posted this video on Youtube. You don’t have to watch it, just click the like button. That’s it. 😀

[Top image: Spotted in Puerto Rico and captioned here.]

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On 30 August a Pentagon spokesman said that around 600 still remain in the country. “We didn’t get out everyone that we wanted to get out.”

I found a button hole.

The Niva button factory in Patisia, Greece, opened in the 1940s and remained in operation for decades before being abandoned.

“The photo was available on various international websites. Most of them state that it is an abandoned button factory in China. […] With a little searching and a lot of luck, we found where the ghost factory really is! It is not in the Chinese city of Longhua Shenzhen, as mentioned in most posts, nor are we talking about a set photo. The abandoned button factory is located in Patisia!”

[Top image found in here, other images and story here via here.]

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