Saturday Matinee – A.I. Family Guy Pizza, Hot Club de Piracicaba, Jimmie Vaughan, and Robert Randolph & The Family Band

When you ask A.I. to create a Family Guy pizza commercial you get this.

Hot Club de Piracicaba performs Paganini in Django style.

Guitar great Jimmie Vaughan is still pickin’ the blues at 72.
At 04:12 he says it’s an Eddie Taylor song, but a 1952 Meteor Records 78rpm issue credits Elmore James & James Taub as the writers.

Robert Randolph and The Family Band
“In his adolescent years before being discovered by the secular community, [Randolph] was almost completely unaware of non-religious music. He went on exclaim in an interview that ‘I grew up and saw a lot of older guys playing lap steels and pedal-steel guitars in my church. I had never heard of the Allman Brothers, or even Buddy Guy or Muddy Waters.’ “ [Wiki}

And I had never heard the term sacred steel before today. Have a great weekend, see you back here tomorrow. Bring your laundry.

Saturday Matinee – Biscuits & Gravy Revew, Olena Uutai, Reverend Peyton & The Terraplanes Blues Band

“It looks like vomit.”
“I’m so scared to try this.”
“It looks like a chopped up ferret.”

Born in Yakutia, Russia, Olena Uutai (Olga Podluzhnaya Uutai) pulls unearthly sounds from a  khomus, a type of jaw harp once played by tribal shamans of the far east. [h/t Pam M.]

Reverend Peyton got hold of a groovebox in 2018.

The Terraplanes Blues Band shows us yanks how to play Delta Blues.

It’s later than usual for this time of year, hope it’s still early where you are. See you tomorrow, and if I’m not here, start without me.

The .Gif Friday Post No. 790 – Pounding Mochi, The Photograph & A Milk Snot Shot

[Found here, here and here.]

The .Gif Post No. 785 – Grillin’ the Veggies, Rockin’ the Ballers & The Bamboo Curtain

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Quangocratic Hot Links

Leave Me Alone, Nathaniel Mayer & The Fabulous Twilights (1962) Nathaniel “Nate Dog” Mayer was 18 when he recorded his first (and biggest) hit, Village of Love, in 1962. The members of The Fabulous Twlights are unknown. After a six year stint with Fortune Records, he disappeared into the East Detroit ghettos, only to resurface years later. Apparently he’d had a rough time, too – in 2009 he recorded The Puddle.


Nice shot.

My Old Man.

Finger pointers.

Cool bucket stove.

“Do you know Linda?”
[h/t Danny D.]

Bath Bomb Bucket Babe.

THIS is how you peacock.

Turning wine into water.
[via Bunkerville]

“Run Reba! RUN REBA!!!”
[h/t Serafina D.]

How to get arrested. (NSFK, NSFW)

A New Guinea tribe met their first white guy.

Dropping metallic paints and inks into a fishtank.
[via Memo Of The Air]

This sound preservation archive reminded me of Ken Nordine.
[via Mme. Jujujive]

“You got peanut butter on my chocolate…. YOU got Chocolate on MY PEANUT BUTTER….” IT’S ON.

[Top image of a mac-n-cheese-n-dog found somewhere in the Twitter. I’d eat it.]

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Stuff I Do When I’m Bored



Humicubational Hot Links

Manhunt, Frank Weir and his Werewolves (1962) A dark suspect is spotted by a posse of rodeo clowns riding Shetland ponies and the manhunt is on. British orchestra leader Frank Weir had several hits during his career, but this tune wasn’t one of them.

The Painting.

Gator chomps it.

This is Awesome.

This is Pure Awesome.

This is Pure Trolling Awesome.

Not everyone wanted to be a Pepper.

Intro to Facebook 2009 – a commentary.

Hydraulic Press Girl [via Memo Of The Air].

And just where do you think you’re going?”

Remember those three circles [h/t Bunkerville].

I get email notifications whenever we get a new follower, and Admiral Bill made my day.

[Top image: The Cheetle. Story here, h/t Nate L.]

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 738 – The Bouncer, A Kind Gesture & Makin’ the ‘Loaf

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Meet Krystal

An example of good workplace presentation.

A 1960s Krystal fast food training film included instructions such as:

– Keep your teeth clean and white. Anybody can have a pretty smile.
– Naturally, you don’t want to get too familiar with the customers, just be really pleasant and friendly. Let your personality show through.
– The customers aren’t interested in your private jokes. That kind of horseplay just won’t go.
– Keep your fingers off the food and don’t put the butter on top of the waffle.

[Found here. Unfortunately there’s no link to the video.]

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