Doctor Morrow, a scientist who works for NASA, has mysteriously disappeared and the agent Lemmy Logan is in charge of the case.

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Here is the church and here is the steeple: Locklear’s & Elliot’s Contribution To The World

Steeple Crash

He meant to do that. Stunt pilots Lt. Ormer “Lock” Locklear and co-pilot Milton “Skeets” Elliot were filming The Skywayman, a silent movie released in 1920, and crashing the church steeple was part of the script.

From Wiki:

Principal photography on The Skywayman began on June 11, 1920, with DeMille Field 2 as the main base of operations. Despite Locklear’s public claim that new stunts “more daring ever filmed” would be involved, the production would rely heavily on models and less on actual stunt flying. Two stunts, a church steeple being toppled by Locklear’s aircraft and an aircraft-to-train transfer were both problematic and nearly ended in disaster.

Their final stunt did end in disaster, a nighttime dive that killed both Locklear and Elliot instantly when they didn’t pull up in time.

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The Titanic Movie Floating Door Analysis

Titanic Door Study 1

Titanic Door Study

Yep. There’s hard proof that two people could have fit on it, and Jack shouldn’t have had to slip off into the drink.
BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Was it teak, pine or oak?

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Saturday Matinee – British Army Marching Band, The Wolfgangs & Devil On Wheels

Nice BAMB flashmob work in Cardiff, Wales, 5 October 2013, playing “Colonel Bogey,” a march  written in 1914 and made famous in the movie “The Bridge On The River Kwai.”

Whenever I hear that popular tune, for some reason I think of psychobilly. Yeah. Let’s go there.

The Wolfgangs‘ “Cannibal Family” rocks it in this vid from 2011. Where do we go from here? How bout a hot rod / juvenile delinquent movie?

Devil On Wheels” dates to 1947, features some vintage rods and sappy lessons.

In addition to being the first film about street racing youth, it is also notable for being one of the first films to feature actresses (Terry Moore & Noreen Nash) wearing bikini tops. [Wiki]

Have a great weekend, folks. We’ll do something different tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Boston Brass, Jazz In My Pants, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Jools Holland & Dragstrip Riot

After the atrocities in Boston this week, I was undecided on whether or not to post a eulogy for the dead, a lament for the maimed, or a patriotic kick ’em right in the nuts fight song. I figure the best move is to post videos of what radical islamic supremists hate the most: music, dancing and people having fun.

The Boston Brass. “Blues For Ben” has a funk tuba crank.

Jazz In My Pants -A fun interpretation of  “St. James Infirmary Blues.”

Doyle Lawson/mandolin, Jason Barie/fiddle, Jessie Baker/banjo, Corey Hensley/bass, Mike Rogers/guitar, Josh Swift/dobro, and Carl White/drums at Bluegrass Underground, Cumberland Caverns, Tennessee on July 22, 2011.

Jools Holland & His R&B Orchestra in 2010.

Dragstrip Riot 1958 shows the true evil decadence of the Western world with hot rods, hot chicks, & rock and roll.

That should keep you happy until the next edition of The Saturday Matinee. Have a great weekend folks, and pray for the people of Boston.

Bimbo & The Beast

Meet Beta, a woman from Venus who collects alien monsters as a hobby. She’s the heroine of La Nave de los Monstruos (Ship Of Monsters), a classic film that’s showing tomorrow as part of a celebration of Mexican science fiction in New York. Star Lorena Velázquez appeared in 300 movies, alongside legendary Mexican masked superhero El Santo, who defeats a Martian invasion in another film.

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