The .Gif Friday Post No. 663 – Auto Reverse, Running the Red Light & Splat Spaz

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The .Gif Friday Post No.501 – BoomBoomBoomBoom, Bird/Camera Frame Synch & Dance Hard

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Say “Cheese.”


There are two things that cause poverty in this world: Government malfeasance and natural phenomena.

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Update: P.J. O’Rourke’s book “All The Trouble In The World” is a good read.

The .Gif Post No.349 – Eagle Meets Cat, Cats Meet Dogs & Marmot Licks Lens

Eagle Cat

Cats and Dogs

Lens Cleaner

[Found herehere and here. Stitched the first together from 3 others and un-jitterfied it.  In the 2nd, one of the cats lost a tooth. The marmot lens cleaning .gif is a timelapse from this vid.]

Indricotheria In The Wild

Indricotheria Stalking

Los Culos, California (Strutts News Services)
Caught on camera near midnight and under a full moon, an unsuspecting Hasínai girl hunts for edible mollusks in the traditional way – with her toes. A mature Indricotherium silently stalked until startled by the flash of the camera strobes and disappeared back into the deep with a grunt and a splash. The girl escaped unharmed.

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Saturday Matinee – Current Events, Helicopter Synch, Happy Shining, Big Splash and BB, SRV & EJ

15 Seconds.

Helicopter/Camera Synch. [via]

Happy Shining.

Big Splash.

BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Etta James at the Ebony Showcase Theatre Los Angeles, 15 April 1987, with The Wicked Wilson Pickett‘s “Midnight Hour.” (Check out the amazing background of Nick Stewart, founder of the EST linked above.)

Great way to wrap up this edition of The Saturday Matinee. Have a great weekend folks, see you back here tomorrow.

The .Gif Friday Post No.241 – Dance Hard, Piano Cola, Foul Tip

[Found here, and here. The middle one’s mine based on this image.]

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