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The .Gif Friday Post No.288 – Scuba Bowling, Magnum Fishies & WTF

Scuba Bowling

Magnum Fishies


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Saturday Matinee – Home Movies, Cold Water, Fabulous Thunderbirds & Zappa’s Black Napkins

Home movies – the Directors’ analysis.

Very cold water is very dense. Fishing in a frozen lake in Finland. Here’s an explanation [via]:

They have inflated their BCDs (vests) with air. This will make them float up to the ‘top’. This allows them to stand on the ice upside down. If there was no ice, they would surface. You can see when they breathe, the CO2 will float to the top (bottom) of the ice and it trapped. The wheel barrow is filled with CO2 expelled (poured in from the bucket). This makes it want to float too and hence will stick to the bottom of the ice until they dump it out, which will make it loose its buoyancy and sink to the bottom…

Happy birthday to Kim Wilson, one of the greatest blues harp blowers. Saw him with his original lineup in the early 80’s, pre-  Kid Ramos. Pure awesome then, pure awesome now. And just for the helluvit, here’ my favorite Zappa song to wrap it all up, “Black Napkins.”

Yeah, I may have posted that before, but so what – I like it. Have a great weekend, folks, be back here tomorrow for more fun and games.

Tron Turtle

I don’t recall where I found the link to Dave’s site, but this image jumped out at me.  After I dried myself off, I axed him about the colors, and here’s his response:

“Thank you for the feedback! It is funny that you see amazing color where I see too much green and blue! I don’t think the turtle was fluorescent; and while I don’t recall it being quite as bright greenly splotched, the camera often sees things differently than we do underwater, particularly when a flash is used. This is because water “absorbs” the colors of sunlight, the deeper you go, and thus things do not look as colorful in natural light to the diver. However, if you are close enough to use a flash, the white light from the flash “adds back” the color that has been filtered away from the sunshine.”

Adjust your nitrogen level, Dave.  It’s a great photo.  Just don’t lecture me about ugly dogs, okay?

[More amazing underwater photos of underwater things can be found at  One Diver’s Perspective.]

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