Abandoned Baby Survives Weeks on Nothing But Cheetos

Lengua Chucha, Mexico (Strutts News Services) – Standing a mere 6-inches tall at the withers, this lil’ pup was hatched a few days after his momma lost interest and wandered from the nest.  Finding an open cache of Cheetos that had washed up on the beachhead, lil’ pup was found chowing down on the fluorescent orange morsels.

Since then he’s been moved to a foster shelter, where his diet has been augmented with Big Macs and Super Size Fries, and he is expected to reach 2,500 lbs.  (average weight for his age) by the end of the month.  Way to go, Lil’ Pup!

[Image from here. Related posts here, here and maybe there.]


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

10 thoughts on “Abandoned Baby Survives Weeks on Nothing But Cheetos”

  1. I should’ve posted this photo as the winner of the 2007 Ugliest Dog Contest, and I wouldn’t have to answer you folks who question the integrity of Strutts News Services. Oh, well.

    rain– Correct, but then they called the wind Mariah.

    Fake– Frito-Lay doesn’t make carrots, so I stand by the original report. Now about your apostrophe…


  2. Here’s the test from one of the reference sites listed as the source of the image. And sorry — sometimes apostrophes happen…

    A newborn Rhinoceros calf, supposedly a female, sniffs at a carrot at Givskud Zoo in eastern Jutland. Her mother, Inger, who came from Whipsnade Wild Animal Farm in England in 2002, gave birth for the first time. The father, Oscar, of South African origin, is more experienced. He has fathered 16 others around the world. The newborn was the first in Denmark since 1982.


  3. Fake– VERY creative. Your story is so outrageous, it’s almost believable! A male rhino from South Africa roams around the world having affair after affair, until he meets a female rhino in England and they decide to move to Denmark and start a family. THAT’S HILARIOUS! Thanks.


  4. Fake–

    Do you believe everything you read in the Sun-Sentinal? I mean, they also posted a photo of a cross between a female cockatoo and a male hairless rat (ALSO named Oscar) and claim that it’s a bird that plucked out its own feathers. Right.

    And no, I don’t read my own posts. Takes too much time away from yanking your chain.


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