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Saturday Matinee – Dano Lancelot, Frank Zappa, Maceo Parker and Derek & The Dominos

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Dano Lancelot covers UB40’s cover of Neil Diamond’s “Red Red Wine on steel drum, and it’s real pretty.

On 28 October 1976, 35 year-old Frank Zappa appeared on The Mike Douglas Show to discuss his music and promote his album “Zoot Allures.”  Note that Douglas’ show aired in the afternoons and was tailored to stay-at-home moms. Zappa picked an easy one for the studio band: “Black Napkins,” one of my favorite Zappa instrumentals.

“My god. You could base a whole religion around this groove.” -Comment on the UToobage.

Apparently the clip above comes from “My First Name Is Maceo,” a concert/documentary DVD released in 2005.

Maceo Parker– Alto Sax/Vocals
Fred Wesley– Trombone/Vocals
Pee Wee Ellis– Tenor Sax/Vocals
Bruno Speight– Guitar
Jamal Thomas– Drums
Will Boulware– Hammond B-3 Organ
Jerome “Jerry” Preston – Bass Guitar/Vocals

As a bonus, there’s this non sequitur ridiculous awesome.

Have a great weekend, folks.
See you back here tomorrow for, like, you know, stuff.

Saturday Matinee – Postmodern Jukebox with Morgan James, Herbie Hancock with Miles Davis, & Frank Zappa

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Postmodern Jukebox (featuring the amazing vocals of Morgan James) always gets my attention. Nice ’60s kinda sound happens here.

Watermelon Man.” Herbie Hancock teams up with Bill Evans, Al Foster and Miles Davis on his 1962 soul/jazz/funk classic.

One of my favorite Zappa songs, “Black Napkins,” performed on the Mike Douglas Show in 1976. Kinda reflects my mood these days, but I’ll snap out of it. Meanwhile, have a great weekend, and for those of you in the midwest, have fun with the cicadas.

Saturday Matinee – Home Movies, Cold Water, Fabulous Thunderbirds & Zappa’s Black Napkins

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Home movies – the Directors’ analysis.

Very cold water is very dense. Fishing in a frozen lake in Finland. Here’s an explanation [via]:

They have inflated their BCDs (vests) with air. This will make them float up to the ‘top’. This allows them to stand on the ice upside down. If there was no ice, they would surface. You can see when they breathe, the CO2 will float to the top (bottom) of the ice and it trapped. The wheel barrow is filled with CO2 expelled (poured in from the bucket). This makes it want to float too and hence will stick to the bottom of the ice until they dump it out, which will make it loose its buoyancy and sink to the bottom…

Happy birthday to Kim Wilson, one of the greatest blues harp blowers. Saw him with his original lineup in the early 80’s, pre-  Kid Ramos. Pure awesome then, pure awesome now. And just for the helluvit, here’ my favorite Zappa song to wrap it all up, “Black Napkins.”

Yeah, I may have posted that before, but so what – I like it. Have a great weekend, folks, be back here tomorrow for more fun and games.

Saturday Matinee – Miles, George, Michael, Frank & Janis

Saturday, 6 November 2010

[Updated post: I deleted my unnecessary political rant. I decided that it doesn’t belong on this blog, and, aside from letting me vent, all it does is tick people off. Lo siento mucho. –Bunk]

Here’s  a dose of awesome:

Miles Davis was always awesome, especially in his later funk years. Didja catch the background jam? It obviously came from here:

George Clinton’s Parliament cranked it, although Clinton’s Funkadelic  “Maggot Brain” was my favorite. Here’s an alternate version:

Poor video, but nice audio by Michael Hampton. Let’s segue…

Zappa’s “Black Napkins” is a classic, and it’s probably derived, or at least related in an odd sort of way, from this:

Yep. That’s the Janis. Have a great weekend, folks, and be back here for more fun tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee: Ebo Walker & Black Napkins & Sticky Notes

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Now Ebo Walker was born in Kentucky,
and raised by his daddy on a hillside farm,
He took up fiddle playing just for fun,

that’s the last work that Ebo Walker done.

Well Ebo Walker, he left Kentucky
’cause Ebo’s daddy said durn your hide,
You won’t plant corn, and you won’t make hay,
you sit on the porch and play that thing all day.

Well Ebo Walker, he walked and he fiddled and he walked and he fiddled and he fiddled till he died,

But I’ve heard tell when the winds is down and the moon shines bright, and the leaves are brown,
You can hear old Ebo fiddlin’ all around.

The Dillards (as the Darling Boys) on the Andy Griffith Show, around 1960 sumpm.

The Dillards in Denmark, 1999.

[Related Post here.]

Pure Oddness. Now for something completely different.

FZ on the Mike Douglas Show, 1976, playing “Black Napkins” with the studio band.  Amazing benign culture clash. [This is part one of a two part interview… kinda slow to load, and we may have linked to this one before.  So what.]

Zappa’s “Black Napkins” live on MTV’s Halloween BFD, 1981.

No slinkys? Use Post-It Notes!  [via here.]

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