Little Porky Peeper

In the mid-19th Century, not long after the invention of photography, John Benjamin Dancer (1812 – 1887) began printing tiny photographs onto glass slides at his studio in Liverpool, England. In Paris, René Dagron (1817 – 1900) wondered how to circumvent the need for an expensive microscope to view them. In 1859, Dagron patented the first Stanhope lens mounted with a mini-photograph.

He named it after the magnifying device invented 50 years earlier by Charles Stanhope, Third Earl Stanhope (1753-1816). In the late-18th century, Stanhope invented lenses which allowed all sorts of “viewers” to house images in secret. Stanhopes, also called Bijoux Photomicroscopiques, became known as ‘peep holes’, ‘peep-eye views’ or ‘peeps’.

And this little piggy had a secret…

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Saturday Matinee – Miles, George, Michael, Frank & Janis

[Updated post: I deleted my unnecessary political rant. I decided that it doesn’t belong on this blog, and, aside from letting me vent, all it does is tick people off. Lo siento mucho. –Bunk]

Here’s  a dose of awesome:

Miles Davis was always awesome, especially in his later funk years. Didja catch the background jam? It obviously came from here:

George Clinton’s Parliament cranked it, although Clinton’s Funkadelic  “Maggot Brain” was my favorite. Here’s an alternate version:

Poor video, but nice audio by Michael Hampton. Let’s segue…

Zappa’s “Black Napkins” is a classic, and it’s probably derived, or at least related in an odd sort of way, from this:

Yep. That’s the Janis. Have a great weekend, folks, and be back here for more fun tomorrow.

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