16 Little Halloweenies

[Images found all over the damn place. Click on any image to enlarge.]

Jungle Graffiti Lizard Man Costume

Unfortunately we misplaced the linky to this image, but it’s a good ‘un for those who are still looking for the perfect last minute Halloween costume. If one of these guys come knocking at your door tomorrow night, just say, “Here ya go, Bunk! Don’t eat me!” and empty the candy barrel into my rucksack. I’ll silently nod in thanks, and I’ll see to it that your tires aren’t flat on Monday morning.

(For those of you who were expecting The Saturday Matinee, it’s been postponed and will show up tomorrow on All Hallow’s Eve.)

Dress Sharp

Way beyond the Valley of Cool, and with all the necessary appurtenances in the background. The only real mystery is who they’re going Trick Or Treating as. I want to party with these guys.

[Found here.]

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