Mid Term Election Day?

“Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Whatisface has got to go!”
Vote for the potty of your choice. It’s your civic doody.
Do it for your country. Do it for your family. Do it for the children.
God forbid there’s a run-off.

So many puns, so little time. Who wants to go first?

And then there’s this.

[Top image: Frank Kunert‘s work is amazing. I’ve seen some before, and I was fooled.  Found here. ]


Digital Streaming In An Analog World

Nevermind the photoshopoopage, but that’s some odd robotic whizardry there. Even little boybots need to drain the oil occasionally, just like the big bots do.

[Found in here, crossposted here.]

Swiss Army Crapper

“Honey, it locked up again and I’ve gotta go, real bad.”

There’s something about designers who insist on taking a concept that works and trying to fix it. Just because it’s different, doesn’t necessarily make it better, and this is a great example.

Yeah, it looks cool, and it takes up less space than a regular bathroom with a toilet and a shower, but look closer at what it takes away.

  • The floor and all walls of the room need to be waterproofed, and it has to have a floor drain.
  • All electrical fixtures, switches and outlets need to be waterproof, too.
  • The floor is always cold. And wet.
  • Forget mildew problems. Now you have water deposits to clean.
  • To clean it, you need a ladder… and machine oil.
  • No grooming mirror in front of the lavatory so you might as well do it in a dark closet.
  • The toilet seat will always be wet. No furry seat cover cozies for you!
  • Forget about a toilet paper dispenser. You better remember to fish it out of the linen cabinet every time.
  • Women have no countertop space to display all 31 beauty enhancement products and accouterments.
  • Men have no place to set their beer while they pee into the floor drain.

Now, if it had a single button that springs everything into a usable configuration, that might be cool, except when the power goes out. In other words, it’s another great example of pure efficient genius.

[Found here, crossposted here, with a Tip o’ the Tarboosh to Snork.]

Too Many Things Are Wrong Here.

Hmm. Exposed in an unfinished particleboard Kybo with a tile floor, wearing a bikini under her clothes, hiding behind empty beer bottles, surrounded by cases of Lucky Light, and, um, well, I dunno, Babs, but it sure looks like Texas to me. I can’t even guess what’s in the box to her left.

What’s really odd is that I found this image on a Russian website.

[Image found in here. Some NSFW/NSFK.]

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