Get a Grip

It’s got a peedometer.

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Somebody finally invented a way to make drinking beer more fun than it already is. Unfortunately, the inventor didn’t think it through.

I can only imagine the disgusting mayhem that would ensue in the men’s room of Rosie’s Roadside Tavern around 11pm on a Saturday night. Forget writing your name in the snow in the parking lot. Every guy in the place would quickly discover his inner artistic talent, and then there would be a competition.

As for the women’s room artistry, I suppose we’re getting into the realm of “Jackson Pollock,” and we’ll leave it at that.

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Digital Streaming In An Analog World

Nevermind the photoshopoopage, but that’s some odd robotic whizardry there. Even little boybots need to drain the oil occasionally, just like the big bots do.

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