Saturday Matinee – Pwnisher’s Render Challenge, Rex Race, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band & The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Pwnisher hosted a competition that resulted in this mesmerizing compilation of entries based on the same “simple” animation:

It’s way beyond my capabilities, and I’m surprised no one walked the poor bastard up the stairs.

Nice find, Jonco.

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is always a fun romp, and they have a new album in the works.
Rev. Peyton – Guitar/Vocals
Breezy Peyton – Washboard/Vocals
Sad Max Senteney – Drums/Vocals

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones don’t believe in anything anymore. It’s from their 11th studio album, When God Was Great (2021).

Yep, that’ll do for now. Have a great weekend, watch out for the bugbears and we’ll throw something on the floor to kick around tomorrow.

1918 Bathing Suit Fashion Parade, Seal Beach California

[Colorized images found here. Click to enlarge.]

Mid Term Election Day?

“Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Whatisface has got to go!”
Vote for the potty of your choice. It’s your civic doody.
Do it for your country. Do it for your family. Do it for the children.
God forbid there’s a run-off.

So many puns, so little time. Who wants to go first?

And then there’s this.

[Top image: Frank Kunert‘s work is amazing. I’ve seen some before, and I was fooled.  Found here. ]


Shredding Hot Links

[Important announcement: The wiener of the runoff competition is Planetross by almost a 2:1 margarine. Thanks to all of you for tolerating the behind the scenes flamewars between Planetross and Wheels. They’re both good peeps, but when you toss a free sweatshirt into a crowd there’s likely to be some blood involved.

Thanks also to the folks at CafePress for donating THE COVETED PRIZE. So here’s another plug:

You can find millions of personalized gifts, hooded sweatshirts and 2011 wall calendars at CafePress – for any topic, interest or brand!


Infinite comic strip by Jim Woodring with video here.

Did you know that dogs were the first domesticated animals? I didn’t, and Archaeology Magazine examines the hows, whys, wheres and whens.

Inside a tornado (video).

Revolver Maps is a cool widget, spotted at Plate O’ Fish. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on WorpDress for some reason, so we added a button at upper right above the blog counter instead.

Although the story is likely fabricated, this one from 2004 is still funny. On the other hand, This Diary is likely true.

Odd hand dance [via].

Steve Martin‘s twitter feed is a hoot [via].

10/10/10 10:10:10

You missed it, didn’t you?

For this Auspicious Occasion, it was our intention to announce the Wiener of the Poll. We can’t… there is a tie. Planetross and Wheels each garnered exactly 21.43% of the vote. (You can view the entries and poll results here.) So to be fair, we’ve gotta have a runoff poll.

Voting is open for one week only, and the clock is ticking, so Wheels & Planetross, rally your troops.

And for the folks who are sponsoring this Competition, here’s another plug:

You can find millions of personalized gifts, hooded sweatshirts and 2011 wall calendars at CafePress – for any topic, interest or brand!

A Call for Entries

After a lot of head scratching, tooth grinding and butt itching, we’ve decided to conduct a joke contest.

This is a competition for all loyal visitors to Tacky Raccoons. There is a nice award to be had at no cost to you, but we can’t tell you what it is. All we can say is you’ll like it, because the winner gets to choose from a wide variety of awesome prizes (and that’s a big ‘ol honkin’ hint right there.)

Here’s the deal:

Submit your best one-line joke in the comments on this thread.

Originality is a definite plus, so claim credit; but if it’s not yours, at least quote the source. Post your best one-liner here, on this thread, and we’ll choose our favorites for a greatest hits poll vote next week.

Keep it clean. –Bunk

[Update– This is a cool dealie. Added a button on upper right that shows visitors from all over the world. Click here.]

[Update 27 September: The prize is being sponsored by CafePress, and as part of the deal, we agreed to post this advert:

You can find millions of personalized gifts, hooded sweatshirts and 2011 wall calendars at CafePress – for any topic, interest or brand!

There you go. The wiener gets to choose their own prize up to $30!]


Casa de Coprolite

It’s a house. It’s a very ugly house. It’s a very ugly house created for a competition by people who have no concept of aesthetics, let alone standard construction practices. Here’s a partial description justifying the brilliance of the design:

Faced with the typical house model of a “box construction” made up of standard industrialized components, we chose to build a clever house with systemic logic components, rising into what we call a distributed intelligence. This means that each component of the prototype contains the same level of technology, energy, structural, etc… With this we say that the logic of all is found in each of the parts, and not vice versa.

That is, distributed intelligence can be understood as the development in fusion research systems and materials, implying a change of procedures, multi functionality in the construction field. Opening the possiblities of digital parametric design from the traditional assembly of standardized industrial components of the home-computer.

In other words, they’ve not only designed one of the ugliest dwellings ever imagined, they’ve invented a brand new lexicon to justify it. Archibabble at its worst. Phew.

To be fair, the design is clever in one respect, that the shape was generated based upon solar tracking, that is, a computer model engineered a shape that maximizes the amount of surface area that receives direct sunlight throughout the day and throughout the year, thus determining the configuration of the solar panels. Win.

Unfortunately, the maximum efficiency is compromised by site orientation, its global latitude, and, um, unpredictable cloud cover. And it’s ugly. Fail.

[More info and images here via here.]

Avatarize This.

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands and you click on this and upload an image of a raccoon. It’s either an Avacoon or a Raccotar, but either way it has an uncanny resemblance to yours truly.

When you run out of important things to do, go play with it and email me your own creation(s) for a future post, the more outrageous the better.

[Avatarization from here, via Ms. Cellanea. Send submissions to BunkStrutts at Verizon dot net. Deadline for submissions is midnight, 7 June 2010.]

Independence Day 2008 at Yankee Stadium

Maybe I’m easily amused, but this reeks of coolness. It’s a pan & zoom image of Yankee Stadium during the Yankees vs. Red Sox game of 4 July 2008.  Boston won 6-4 on a freak triple.

[See below for the linkoids.]

Here’s the wide angle, and I decided to zoom in.  The second thing I was looking for was a guy who probably drives a Babe Magnet:  Where’s Waldork?

Game is underway, 1st Inning.

An obnoxious jerk can be found anywhere, and I guessed that the cheap seats would be a good bet.

This section looked promising.  Completely arbitrary guess.

Getting closer!  Stadium usher in the aisle is eyeballing someone…

Ooh!  We have a candidate, and it’s not the waterbed in the back row or the wannabe in the front.


Rock out dude! Everyone should be playing air guitar at a Yankees game!  Or are you yelling at the umpire already, as if he can hear you from a half-mile away.  DUDE, it’s only the first inning.  Chill.

Don’t double-dose your meds again, dood. Everyone’s ignoring you (except for the usher,  the lady in the red tunic and the one in white southwest of you on the previous image). What Babe Magnet do you drive, bro?

[Link found at Grow-A-Brain. The Very Cool Hi-Def Zoom/Pan image of Yankee Stadium can be found here.]


[This Contest is on as long as CNN/SI keeps their site open, or until a winner is announced on THIS website.  If CNN closes its site, and no one has offered/emailed a winning .jpg image to Bunk Strutts at the contact address CLEARLY shown above, this contest is closed, null and void, and we’ll snivel out of awarding anyone anything.  By submitting a .jpg image, y’all agree that this is all in fun and stuff, and everything that that this statement means in a colloquial sense releases Bunk and his Crack Team of Webminers from any and all legal responsibility.  In other words, we won’t owe you a damn thing beyond what is promised and awarded via these described caveats, no matter what… just a damn thing that works, beeps when it’s supposed to, and requires batteries. The prize-winner pays the shipping costs and may or may not owe Bunk a slab of coldies.]

[Update 26 August 2008:  Contest is now closed.  Winner to be announced.]


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