Carnavales de Ituren, Navarre, Spain 2017
[Photo by Carlos González Ximénez, found here.]

Thanksgiving Day Parade

The early Thanksgiving Day parades often had a circus orientation, and hence the animal elements. Actual lions, tigers, and bears were trucked down city streets, traumatizing them and causing the elicitation of roars and growls that frightened observing children. Wisely, the use of living animals was abandoned after a few years, with animal balloons and floats substituted, together with some great vintage cartoonish stuff that was rather surreal.

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1918 Bathing Suit Fashion Parade, Seal Beach California

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2013 Independence Day Parade

The float’s all gassed up and ready to go, and we’ll be at the biggest Independence Day Parade west of the Mississippi tomorrow. (I have a key to the crappers, too).

See you there.

BunkFloat 4  July 2013

Stolen modified float pic came from here.

That’s what the float looked like today with a Ding Dong in front of it:

2013 HB 4th of July Parade (5a)

The Tim Conway Jr.  Show is worth listening to for the theme song alone. It can be heard online 7-10PM weekdays AM640 KFI.

Saturday Matinee – Goose Parade, Bimbo’s Initiation, Jurassic Snark, Kitty Town, Allman Bros.

[Found here.]

Bimbo was Betty Boop’s boyfriend/dog pal back when Betty was still a dog in a miniskirt. (Note that Mickey Mouse shows up to mess with Bimbo at 00:28. The Fleisher Bros. were Disney’s closest competitor in the animation business at the time.)

The Best Of Jurassic Park That You Don’t Recall. [via]

Welcome to Kitty Town.

The Allman Brothers’ “Jessica” is one of the great country rock jams. Seems appropriate, since I’ve got a bit of traveling coming up next week.

Have a great weekend, folks, and be back here tomorrow for more hot muffins from the internest.

Happy Tet, Y’all!

How do’ folks, and Happy VietNamese New Year!

Little Saigon, in Westminster California, comprises the largest population of VietNamese ex-patriots of anywhere in the world. The community was founded by those who escaped the communist invasion that followed the fall of Saigon in 1975.

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Babe, er, Chick Magnet

Babe Magnet Rooster

Nope, unh-unh, no way does this count as a Babe Magnet. It doesn’t even try to look cool, and it succeeds in its uncoolness by a factor of Stoopid. Given the intentional lack of cool, this could only be a pace car for the Dorque County Picnic Parade, decked out with pure efficient genius.

One can only imagine what hoofed beasts followed in its tire tracks, and we’re referring to the populace. (To be fair, I grew up on the outskirts of Dorque County. We had to dress up a mule instead.)

[Found here.]

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