The .Gif Friday Post No. 665 – Lowrider, Flamingo Floater & Moonrod

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2013 Independence Day Parade

The float’s all gassed up and ready to go, and we’ll be at the biggest Independence Day Parade west of the Mississippi tomorrow. (I have a key to the crappers, too).

See you there.

BunkFloat 4  July 2013

Stolen modified float pic came from here.

That’s what the float looked like today with a Ding Dong in front of it:

2013 HB 4th of July Parade (5a)

The Tim Conway Jr.  Show is worth listening to for the theme song alone. It can be heard online 7-10PM weekdays AM640 KFI.

New Year’s Day: A Safety Reminder

New Year’s Resolution Number 1: Walk Wisely.

This lifesaving message was brought to you by the National Safety Council via the 1960 Rose Parade. Better advice cannot be found anywhere.

[Image from here.]

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