I say it stays.

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The .Gif Friday Post No. 694 – How To Win At Cat, Custom Signs & Leaf Drop

[Cat Winning h/t rightymouse. Signing Lady captured from Biden speech 8 July 2021. Leafdrop found here.]

BTW – this is our 5,501st post!

The .Gif Friday Post No. 440 – Shoe Drops, Kinkajou-fu & Funky Fungi

Shoe Drops

Kinkajou Fu

Funky Fungi

[Found here, here and here]

I think the second one is a possum (not an opossum) and not a kinkajou. No idea what that last one is, but it reminded me of this.

The .Gif Friday Post No.327 – G’way, Dance Hard & Bananafan


Dance Hard 8


[Found here, here and here. Caution with the red link – it opens and tries to redirect. ]

The .Gif Friday Post No.197 – Move The Tractor, Drop The Humvees & Pay Attention, Peckerhead.

[Found here, here and here .]



“What Once Was Lost, But Now is Found…”

Yeah, I know those aren’t the words. If I dropped my wallet in there, I’d fish it out for sure, but not this way. But a cell-phone? Amazing Grace is gonna get crappy reception from now on.

Then there’s Dad… got up outta bed with his chonies and black socks, got shoes on, and hung his daughter head first into the latrine to help her retrieve an overrated electronic device that she’s gonna put next to her mouth the first chance she gets to describe to her best Oprah-watching confidant how she stupidly mistook the cellphone for the Spiegel catalogue and it dropped into the cess and now the battery’s dead and [you go girl.].

[Photo series via Liver.]

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