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The .Gif Friday Post No. 440 – Shoe Drops, Kinkajou-fu & Funky Fungi

Shoe Drops

Kinkajou Fu

Funky Fungi

[Found here, here and here]

I think the second one is a possum (not an opossum) and not a kinkajou. No idea what that last one is, but it reminded me of this.

Sing I Fungi


Looks a lot like “Make My People Sing.” Sort of. You can search for Bunk’s minimalist contributions on that mildly amusing annoying site. The little tads will like it.

(Photo is from an excellent photo compilation website site with the initials DRB, but I’ve contracted the same dloader trojan twice from there, on two separate unconnected computers, and I won’t visit it again. I can’t prove it, but the infections I got are beyond coincidence for me. The trojan is nasty and hard to get rid of. You’re on your own. –Bunk)

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