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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

3 thoughts on “Fungi”

    1. I remember finding puffballs in the woods as a kid, and yeah, we kicked them. The one at lower right looks like the inky cap mushrooms we sometimes find in the backyard.

      WorpDress hasn’t been a lot of fun recently. If your images are still in the Media file you should be able to re-link them, and if you open up a post in html text you should see the names of the missing .jpgs & .pngs. If you posted images by direct link to another site and that site is gone, then so are those images.

      Otherwise you can comb The Way Back Machine.*/
      Yours goes back to 2006?! lol That’s a ton of tedious work, but if you know which particular post you’re looking to restore it can help.


      1. Actually, I started my first website (Off in the Tall Weeds) in 2003, but the WayBack Machine doesn’t have anything for any of the snapshots it says it took of it.

        I think that all of my media files for the website are still there, just in a different directory. I think the media directories were renamed, but the contents not moved over, at some point several years ago. I seem to recall that examining my website using an FTP program showed them, but, as I said, that was several years ago.

        Time to put it back onto my to-do list. I swear I’m busier in my almost-but-not-quite-retired state than I was when I was working full-time.


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