Will it be Covfefe or Trunalimunumaprzure? Election Day 2020

If in doubt on a Proposition, vote NO.
If in doubt on any Candidate, ABSTAIN.
If anyone asks you how you voted, LIE.

ICYMI: 1st unintelligible word in title is Trump‘s classic;
2nd babblecluster is Biden‘s.

[h/t AoP.]

2018 June Primary Election – Bunk’s Voter Guide

If in doubt on a Proposition, vote NO.
If in doubt on any Candidate, ABSTAIN.
If anyone asks you how you voted, LIE.


Mid Term Election Day?

“Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Whatisface has got to go!”
Vote for the potty of your choice. It’s your civic doody.
Do it for your country. Do it for your family. Do it for the children.
God forbid there’s a run-off.

So many puns, so little time. Who wants to go first?

And then there’s this.

[Top image: Frank Kunert‘s work is amazing. I’ve seen some before, and I was fooled.  Found here. ]


2014 Midterm Elections – Bunk’s Voting Guide


This 2014 Midterm Election is easy. Vote the socialists/fascists out, and if you’re confused or undecided about the Propositions, vote NO by default. If you haven’t done your homework by now, abstain, because you’ll only be betting on the color of the jockey’s tunic and not the horse the jockey rides, and that’s a poor way to voice your opinion.

On the other hand, this is very important stuff. If you don’t vote, you have no reason to complain when you find out that you’ve been screwed by the very same people you trusted, and that’s what voting is all about.

P.S. If you don’t know what fascism is, Google “Mussolini” and decide for yourself whether or not the Obama Administration is practicing the same damnable policies. [Hint: They are.]

P.P.S. Oh, and here’s ShaNaNa’s 1972 classic do-wop The Vote Song from back before they morphed into Weenieville: “Oh, dahlin’, I promise, that if ah am elected, yes, I would do anathang thatchawant, anathang thatcha hot might desire, I would give to you. Yes, yes…”

Election Day In California

Sacramento has been out of control for years. Not too long ago, the State of California, were it a separate and independent country, would have ranked at No. 8 in prosperity world wide. Not so any more.

California is not completely lost… yet. Watch what happens in the regional and local elections. The results will tell you if California has a ghost of a chance of recovering from gross fiscal mismanagement and fascist socialism.

[Image found here.]

Vote Like You’ve Never Voted Before.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010, is California’s Primary election. For those of you on the west coast, the ballot initiatives are probably the most important of the mess.

As for me, I’m voting NO on every initiative except for Prop 13. It’s a good measure, and has no opposition. Owners of existing buildings should not be penalized by property tax reassessment for seismic retrofitting.

As for the candidates, Meg Whitman gets my vote for Republican nominee for governator, and conservative Chuck Devore deserves to  go to the U.S. Senate. The other candidates for other seats don’t matter much.

Now, Steve Rocco is another story. I’m tempted to vote for him just for the hell of it because he pissed so many people off. Here’s a guy who was elected to the board of the Orange Unified School District without even campaigning. He beat out the other contenders with a pair of nothing, and once elected, it took weeks for the OUSD to find out who and where he was. He’s a bizarre dark stocking cap with black sunglasses who’s full of conspiracy theories, and was arrested for supposedly stealing a half-empty bottle of catsup from an OUSD cafeteria. Now he’s running for Public Administrator.

Sounds like a great candidate. Write in Bunk Strutts instead.

If you don’t vote against it, you will have no right to complain about it. If you vote for it, you’ll not be allowed to complain about it later. It’s your choice.


Vote not for your children. Vote for your grandchildren.

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