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On Friday, 3 August 2007, the date of our first posted post that was posted, the world twitched imperceptibly, a global nanoflinch, an earthquake with the power of a morning fart, or less. It’s our 10th Anniversary, because this:

3 August 2007 – Whelped
3 August 2008 – 1st year Blogiversary
3 August 2018 – 10th year Blogiversary

There are now 4,356 posts in our archives.

Steal, lift, purloin, burgle and abscond with anything you find here, just link back and give us credit for the source.

As with previous years, we’ve celebrated those posts that received the largest number of hits, not only for the past year, but for the entire life of Tacky Raccoons, and this year is no different.

We’ve featured the Top 11 Posts every year since 3 August 2008 and this year is no different. There are some surprises, and I still don’t know why some get an exorbitant amount of hits while others fade.

Previous Top 11 hits are linked here.

The numbers adjacent to the titles below indicate ranking for the previous 12 months, followed by the previous year’s ranking, and the third numeral is for all-time popularity (August 2007 – August 2018). “NR” indicates Not Ranked.

Click on any image below and it’ll take you to the original post. So let’s go!

No. 11/NR/350 – Subway Siren
[Good God, why?]

No. 10/4/141 – 11 September 2001 – Never Forget.


No. 9/8/114 – Introducing The Beatles – COLLECT ‘EM ALL

No. 8/NR/267 – Bigass Ammonite Fossil is not a Bigass Ammonite Fossil

No. 7/5/4 – Giant Woolly Bear Caterpillar Discovered Near Las Cruces, NM, Predicts Global Warming for Decades to Come

No. 6/NR/21 – Popeye Dead at 108
[This was a sleeper. Posted on 29 June 2009, it never made the Top 11 rankings until this year.]

mardi-gras-boobs-and-beads 150

No. 5/6/29 – Beads, Beer, Boobs & Blues = Heureux Mardi Gras!

No. 4/NR/91 – The Kluck Klams


No. 3/2/32 – Hello. I Am Mr. Google.

No. 2/1/18 – Meet The Beetles

And the Number One Post for the past 12 months is:

The .Gif Friday Post No. 445 – Demolition Demon, Roll Survivor & Rock This Way


Guy is knocking off blocks of un-reinforced masonry, and with every whack he weakens the blocks below him. Someone told me he was a member of an Indian sect who specialize in this kind of danger.

Posted on 29 July 2016, this wins with a score of 1/3/21 (thanks to a link from Pinterest).

Thanks for all your visits, favorites and linkys, and I wish you all the best.


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Hot Links With Jazz Hands

Racoon Jazz Hands

Black holes are soooo passé. Meet the White Holes [via].

What children’s games do you remember playing? Here are some classics including the rules.

Londres. Viendo pasar gente.

A List Of Pointless Websites. Very cool collection.

Deaf-Blind Brazilian Watches World Cup With Help From His Friends.

Need a prosthetic leg with a built-in stereo system? Here’s the place [via].

Cigar box juggling in Japan.

Cigar box juggling in America.

This story still fascinates me. Michael Larson discovered a flaw in a TV game show and exploited it without cheating. Walked away with a quarter million in today’s dollars, then blew it. Documentary here.

Top 10 Greatest Optical Illusions Ever.

[Top image found somewhere in here.]

Hot LInks From The Dog And Pony Show

dog and pony show
Vintage Prom Pictures are vintage.

Numerals. Scroll down for some cool animations [via].

If your name is Dorothy, you’re probably in your 70s. If your name is Emily, you’re probably still in school. If your name is Brittany, you’re in your mid 20s. [Source, via].

The history of molecatching.

Protege su espacio vital con la Armadura Urbana (con video).

Someone forgot where the gas tank is.

Kuwati Clown Car.

16-1/2 Minutes of Mud.

Dog and Pony Show image above lifted from an advertisement site somewhere.

Hot Links From Below The Horizon

La AldelitaRed Quechquemitls

Las Adelitas was named after female warriors of the Mexican Revolution, and is a splinter group of the Brown Berets, a radical racist leftist group that believes California belongs to Mexico. I like the painting (by Sylvia Ji) but not the message.

Tony Clifton: The Man, The Legend.

Konceptofon’s Photostream is very cool.


Part 1 & Part 2 of a BBC documentary on Scottish proto punk Alex Harvey (1935-1982).

Latin Ballet of Virginia.

It’s Homer Time!

Jo Stance [via].

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal.

#Occupy Hot Links

99% LMAO. Video to Free the Angels of #OWS.

Twitter lollageness here.!/search/realtime/bunkstrutts

Faber College & Delta House.

Everything you can think of that’s cool on piano can be found here.

Interesting website that debunks myths and stereotypes of autistics, with testimony.

The only limit is yourself at

Got some polarized glasses for watching 3D movies? Put ’em on, walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror and close one eye.

This site blows me away.

Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the single-note guitar solo.

Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the Super Soaker.

Old Plank Road & Oiled Earth Road.

Top image is from this collection of Awesome graffiti.

Hot Links of the Beat Generation

Geese Teeth here.

Zoom Zoom Zoom” by Jimmy and the Barbarellos is great a capella.

What’s your favorite number? Tell this guy.

Click and scroll down for the Snooty Cam. You’ll like it.

Interview with a 1-year old, with subtitles.

It’s A Good Life” was a short story written by Jerome Bixby in 1953 that was turned into one of the creepiest Twilight Zone episodes ever.

Beat Generation was written by Rod McKuen.

The Late Country Dick Montana had a solo EP. Listen to snippets here (NSFW).

Wow. I’d never heard of “Action Park.” This amusement park was so dangerous the owners were forced to buy additional ambulances for the local hospital.  Lemur King mentioned it here, with additional links here, here and here.

Heading to Senegal this summer? An English-Wolof dictionary might come in handy.

Conway’s Game of Life is a fun curiosity from a few decades ago.

Ever seen a hook-faced conehead? You will if you click here.

Shredding Hot Links

[Important announcement: The wiener of the runoff competition is Planetross by almost a 2:1 margarine. Thanks to all of you for tolerating the behind the scenes flamewars between Planetross and Wheels. They’re both good peeps, but when you toss a free sweatshirt into a crowd there’s likely to be some blood involved.

Thanks also to the folks at CafePress for donating THE COVETED PRIZE. So here’s another plug:

You can find millions of personalized gifts, hooded sweatshirts and 2011 wall calendars at CafePress – for any topic, interest or brand!


Infinite comic strip by Jim Woodring with video here.

Did you know that dogs were the first domesticated animals? I didn’t, and Archaeology Magazine examines the hows, whys, wheres and whens.

Inside a tornado (video).

Revolver Maps is a cool widget, spotted at Plate O’ Fish. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on WorpDress for some reason, so we added a button at upper right above the blog counter instead.

Although the story is likely fabricated, this one from 2004 is still funny. On the other hand, This Diary is likely true.

Odd hand dance [via].

Steve Martin‘s twitter feed is a hoot [via].

Hot Links of the Sarcophilus harrisii

Jack Harrison, the last survivor who participated in The Great Escape of WWII passed away on 4 June 2010. There’s an interesting interactive illustration of one of the tunnels here. [h/t to Wheels.]

Albino Raccoons.

Who is the Horseboy?

Disgusting prank is disgusting.

Awesome invention by a Ham radio afficionado that fights cancer.

Cadillacs and Album Covers here.  Two more here.

Google is getting so full of information it occasionally collapses under its own weight.

Need a chemical suit? Lookee here.

Live webcam in Amsterdam with sound here.

Speaking of sound, the Zambelli Family is awesome.

Amazing staring contest back stage at the Webby Awards. [via The Presurfer.]

What’s your American dialect? Here’s one test and here’s another.

The Sci-Fi Airshow has an online guided tour. I’m going next week. [via]

Saturday Matinee – Laurie, Suzanne & Joanne

The always odd Laurie Anderson can’t pronounce the Espaniel worth a Me Air Duh, but she’s entertaining in her own way.

I was gonna segue into Suzanne Vega, but I forgot how depressing her songs were. So then I looked for Suzy Bogguss, and remembered that I’d already covered her on an earlier Saturday Matinee Post.

So I’m thinking of Suzanne songs and decided to  go with Michael Nesmith’s “Joanne”  because it rhymes. But there are no decent vids on the Utoobage that do justice for the ex-Monkee’s greatest hit, except for this:

Meanwhile, here’s Joanne’s greatest hit. Have a great weekend folks.

Hot Links and the Temple of Doom

“Dylan Hears a Who” was a classic parody from 1997. The original website was promptly shut down by the heirs of the Dr. Seuss franchise, as if it were a threat to the profitability of the classic children’s book series.

[Click on the image for a sample, or download a .zip here. If you don’t trust that site, leave a request in the comments and I’ll forward a clean .zip file. It’s 59MB of fun. ]

Rain on the Tracks:  Flooded train track is flooded.

Build a virtual solar system here [via Neatorama].

I squish your head.

Chatroulette vs. Chatroulette here.

Been burned in a website chat? Here’s a way to report the abuse.

Mess with your mind here. Be sure to leave a trail of breadcrumbs.

Wanna know where the speed traps are in your area? Slow down here.

Lasercat dogfight here.

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