Hot Links of the Beat Generation

Geese Teeth here.

Zoom Zoom Zoom” by Jimmy and the Barbarellos is great a capella.

What’s your favorite number? Tell this guy.

Click and scroll down for the Snooty Cam. You’ll like it.

Interview with a 1-year old, with subtitles.

It’s A Good Life” was a short story written by Jerome Bixby in 1953 that was turned into one of the creepiest Twilight Zone episodes ever.

Beat Generation was written by Rod McKuen.

The Late Country Dick Montana had a solo EP. Listen to snippets here (NSFW).

Wow. I’d never heard of “Action Park.” This amusement park was so dangerous the owners were forced to buy additional ambulances for the local hospital.  Lemur King mentioned it here, with additional links here, here and here.

Heading to Senegal this summer? An English-Wolof dictionary might come in handy.

Conway’s Game of Life is a fun curiosity from a few decades ago.

Ever seen a hook-faced conehead? You will if you click here.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

One thought on “Hot Links of the Beat Generation”

  1. Snooty cam is way precious. Had to bookmark it for the kidlets.

    That story still gives me the creeps. It’s a good thing I watched Lost in Space before I ever saw that Twilight Zone episode. Billy Mumy would have creeped me out.


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