Saturday Matinee – Glassblowing, Giant Rabbits, Paul Reubens, Delinquents, Riding the Curb

I took glassblowing in college in the middle of winter. Pure awesome. The instructors all had scars, and our own teacher accidentally sat on glow worm. Burned his ass in glass class.

The biggest danger was blowing the bubble. Inhale super-heated air by accident and you’re gonna die. [h/t Woosk]

Night of the Lepus Trailer. Big bunnies be eatin’ and killin’.

Pee Wee Herman Unmasked! Interview with Paul Reubens.

Mr. Grimes was a dick. I like him, at least in the first half of this instructional video from 1947.

11 years later, Mr. Grime’s protégés were curb dragging in 1958 L.A.

Have a great weekend and be back here tomorrow for more fun.

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – Glassblowing, Giant Rabbits, Paul Reubens, Delinquents, Riding the Curb”

  1. LC Aggie–
    For the first demonstration in the glassblowing class, the teacher put a teardrop-shaped dollop on the steel table while he spoke about annealing.

    When it was cool enough to handle, he asked for a volunteer to hold the teardrop in his closed hand. The teacher then snapped off the stem of the teardrop and told the student to open his hand. There was nothing but glass dust.


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