Meet The Beetles

[Found here. Lots more below the break.]

[UPDATE 31 July 2016- I disabled the source link as it now redirects to a malware site. The source of the image is likely a fold-out from National Geographic. Apologies to all. –Bunk]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

8 thoughts on “Meet The Beetles”

  1. I’ve seen something like this before in a National Geographic.

    note: right side four beetles down … that one has a face! … that is upside down … and possibly was a nemesis for Tarzan!


  2. dan– There were six if you count Pete Best and (later) Billy Preston.

    plane– Kinda bummed that the image didn’t come out nice and sharp in this post. Click on the image and enlarge it for better awesomeness.


  3. Yer right Bunk, I was trying to think of his name (Pete Best), Now Billy Preston, the man! He was good friends with George Harrison and wikipedia talks about his relationship with the beetles
    I have an album of Billy Preston’s that has one of the coolest groove’s I’ve ever heard. The song is called ‘Outa-space’ Preston is a genius with the clavinet thru an overdrive, and through a Wah-Pedal, he play’s and makes that clavinet talk! On that song is George Harrison who plays lead guitar. 1972


  4. LOVE IT! I haven’t heard it in many years, but it was like yesterday! And I totally agree the bouncing fro- greatest of all time!I would have loved to have met him. or even better yet jammed with him. I loved his music, and some of the gospel Of really liked too.!
    I also listened to Outa-Space today… A song that I NEVER get tired of hearing. That clavinet was a like part of his soul. I never heard anyone play a clavinet like him… except maybe for maybe Bernie Worrell or Stevie Wonder (Superstition , People, keep on …..? and also chic Corea, Herbie Hancock, Edgar Winter) Yesssir ; ))


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