Saturday Matinee – Dave Allen, NYC 1911, Hormel Pepperoni, YES & The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

That’s Dave Allen (1936-2005) and that’s a 1965 VW 6-volt Beetle. It didn’t have headlights. It had glowlamps. I know because I owned one.

1911 New York City restored hand-cranked film, speed corrected and with an added soundtrack humanizes the populace a bit. A lot of interesting things happened in 1911, itemized here and here. Sheet music sales determined the popularity of songs and Scott Joplin’s rags were hot, like Treemonisha.

Hormel Pepperoni advertisement [h/t Calo]. I’m speechless. Let’s get out of here.

YES stood out a bit from the music of the 70s. Sure, they were art rock, their lyrics were inane and incomprehensible, they’ll make you out and out, but their music was killer.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band was very underrated IMO.

Have a great weekend, folks. See you back here tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee: Swamp Edition – Talking Heads, Ry Cooder, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band & Swamp Dogg

Talking Heads‘ classic “Swamp” performed at the London Wembley Arena 1982. It was released the following year, creeped me out, and I became a TH fan.

Ry Cooder‘s swamp-rock cover of Elvis’ “All Shook Up” may have been posted here before but so what –  it’s awesome and it fits the theme of this post.

“Now, Amos Moses was a Cajun. He live by hissef in da swamp.”
This is the best cover of Jerry Reed‘s “Amos Moses” I’ve ever heard. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band took it and made it nasty. (This 1976 video is from the German TV show Pop Scop.)

Jerry Williams Jr. aka Swamp Dogg  at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam 10 June 2010. “Synthetic World” has a very cool 60s R&B groove.

That’ll do for this edition of The Saturday Matinee. Have a great shopping spree, folks.

Hot Links From Below The Horizon

La AldelitaRed Quechquemitls

Las Adelitas was named after female warriors of the Mexican Revolution, and is a splinter group of the Brown Berets, a radical racist leftist group that believes California belongs to Mexico. I like the painting (by Sylvia Ji) but not the message.

Tony Clifton: The Man, The Legend.

Konceptofon’s Photostream is very cool.


Part 1 & Part 2 of a BBC documentary on Scottish proto punk Alex Harvey (1935-1982).

Latin Ballet of Virginia.

It’s Homer Time!

Jo Stance [via].

Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal.

Saturday Matinee – TSAHB, Weezer, Hagan & Stuff

Vambo Rool, OKAY! The very underrated proto-punk Sensational Alex Harvey Band had very few early videos posted when we posted this link months ago, but they’ve been breeding ever since.

Bunky had the opportunity to see these babosos live in the ’70s, but couldn’t afford the tickets.

Yeah, I know. “This Little Piggy Went Viral.” I had Weezer in the queue since last year so I might as well post it anyway, just in case some of you hadn’t seen it. All it’s missing is the skateboarding dog.

Earle H. Hagen died this week. He was the composer (and the whistler) of the “Andy Griffith Show” theme song, among others. [Cool yet disrespectful cockatiel Utoobage linky here.]

How they make cartoons (1930).

Octopus Action video. Crabs don’t have a chance, even with a nice soundtrack.

Can’t have too many octopus videos in a single post, so here you go.

[Weezer Utoobage via the winsome and completely awesome Miss Cellanea. Others found by orchestrated accident.]

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