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Saturday Matinee – Chet Atkins w/ Jerry Reed, Creedence, and Les Paul w/ Dickey Betts

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Last week I erroneously (and embarrassingly) confused Nena Kerner with Nina Hagen. I lost a lot of karma for that blowzit, so I’ll try to make up for it.

Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed play Bob Dylan. Not sure of date / place.
(Long intro, jump to 02:00.)

Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1970 Oakland California.

Video caption: The audio track is from the CD commemorating the concert and while I had to make some adjustments in speed to match the video, it sounds a hell of a lot better.

Les Paul with Dickey Betts on a Les Paul from 2001.
(Jump to 02:00 to bypass banter.)

Hope that absolves me somewhat. Have a great weekend, folks, and take a moment to remember what Memorial Day is all about.

Saturday Matinee – Claude Fontaine, Jerry Reed & CSN&Y – Kent State Day

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Bunkessa suggested I post Claude Fontaine. Nice stereotypical reggae groove, but her fake wispy voice kinda turns me off.

I’d rather hear this.

Jerry Reed was a hoot.

Then something happened on 4 May 1970 and a bunch of morons chimed in, like these guys:

Took me a long time to realize that CSN&Y were nothing more than a bunch of musically talented idiots.

See you back here tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee: Swamp Edition – Talking Heads, Ry Cooder, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band & Swamp Dogg

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Talking Heads‘ classic “Swamp” performed at the London Wembley Arena 1982. It was released the following year, creeped me out, and I became a TH fan.

Ry Cooder‘s swamp-rock cover of Elvis’ “All Shook Up” may have been posted here before but so what –  it’s awesome and it fits the theme of this post.

“Now, Amos Moses was a Cajun. He live by hissef in da swamp.”
This is the best cover of Jerry Reed‘s “Amos Moses” I’ve ever heard. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band took it and made it nasty. (This 1976 video is from the German TV show Pop Scop.)

Jerry Williams Jr. aka Swamp Dogg  at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam 10 June 2010. “Synthetic World” has a very cool 60s R&B groove.

That’ll do for this edition of The Saturday Matinee. Have a great shopping spree, folks.

Saturday Matinee – Hoogerbrugge, Moonshine, Karen Wheeler, Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed, Country Dick & The Beat Farmers

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hoogerbrugge’s “A Thunderstorm in a Beautiful Summer Sky.” Want more video oddness ala Hoogerbrugge? Click here.

Now let’s make some moonshine.

What’s moonshine without country? Here’s Karen Wheeler’s version of “Muleskinner Blues.” [via] (This is the same song that The Fendermen covered in 1960 with their rockabilly version.)

“The Claw.” Can’t beat a combo of Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins.

I bet I’ve posted this video before, but I’ve been a longtime fan of the late Country Dick Montana and the Beat Farmers, and it just seems right to wrap up this Saturday Matinee with Big Ugly Wheels.

Have a great weekend folks, and be back here tomorrow for more fun.

Saturday Matinee – Butterstick, Us, Stand Up and Shout, Jerry’s Breakdown, After You’ve Gone

Saturday, 21 November 2009

I axed Bunkarina to pick out a video or two for this week’s video trainwreck, and she chose this. From Drew Carey’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” here’s “Butterstick.”

Bunkarina likes this video by Regina Spektor, and so do I.

The Tubes were the late 70’s equivalent to FZ’s Mothers of the late 60’s.  MockRock at it’s best. “Stand Up and Shout” covers a lot of ground while featuring Fee Waybill as druggie frontman “Quay Lewd.”

The late Jerry Reed pickin’ with the late Chet Atkins. This one’s for Aussie Phil.

Suzy Boggus‘ & Chet Atkins’ excellent version of  “After You’ve Gone.” (Ignore her stupid outfit, she’s a great singer.)

Saturday Matinee: We lost a couple of greats this week. Jerry Reed & Bill Melendez.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

“Amos Moses” was my favorite Jerry Reed song. My younger sister had the 45rpm record, and I didn’t.  (But I knew all the words, and she didn’t.)

Chet Atkins is a treasure, and Jerry Reed was a classic. There’s more of J.R.’s Pickin’ n’ Grinnin’ at RockHoppers. (Dan, you beat me to it!) God bless Jerry.

Here’s Chet Atkins with Suzy Bogguss.

And here’s Suzy Boggus with Chet Atkins.

Bill Melendez.  You’ve seen his stuff.  You’ve heard his stuff.  Seems kinda appropriate that there is no video, and I relive part of my childhood whenever I hear this song.

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