China Reverse-Engineers Chelsea Clinton


Beijing, China (Strutts New Services) – On Thursday, the People’s Republic of China revealed that they have perfected an audio-animatronic version of Ex-President Clinton’s daughter Chelsea.

On conditions of anonymity, Chelsea Clinton responded, “Eeew. That’s not me. That’s like my Mom, you dork. Like ‘DUH.'”

The robot giggles incoherently, serves tea, and pets the servants when directed, exactly like her mama does, but without the head butts.

The animatron correctly responds to up to ten questions with pre-programmed responses.  These responses include, “I don’t remember,” “I don’t recall,”  “Are you serious?” and “GTF out of this office.”


[ERRATA:  Strutts News Services neglected to verify the accuracy of information provided by unrelated sources while composing this post.  The Robot in the photo is neither Chelsea Clinton, nor Hillary Clinton, but a random slutbot.  The creator, Mr. Wang Wenrong only intends to build a Hillarybot.  The editors of Strutts News Services regret the error.]

[Image from here, with more info here.  Related post here.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

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