China Denies Reverse Engineering Mice


呼和浩特 (從Strutts通訊社滑稽的荒唐) –

「沒有法律版權在老鼠設計! 我們的所有是拆卸我們捉住的那个,創造一個較不昂貴的方式做他們,放回他們一起,并且他們是,像新一樣。 然後我們賣他們到美國,美國人吃他們。「

[Photographic evidence provided by Sourfizz. English to Traditional Chinese translator may be found here. The re-translation back to English is close enough for Bunk. Bite the wax tadpole.]

UPDATE: Although the post preview displayed actual chinese characters, WordPress changed them to question marks in the final post. Here is the re-translation from Traditional Chinese to English:

Huhhot (from the Strutts news agency funny absurd) –

Mr. hu denies China is violates the copyright law through the disassemblage mouse.
“Does not have the legal copyright in the mouse design! We all are that which disassembles us to seize, creates a not expensive way to be them, returns them together, and they are, new is likely same. Then we sell them to arrive US, the American eat them.”

How can you argue with that?

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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