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How to get linked to Chelsea Clinton’s website

First you start a website called “Tacky Raccoons.”  Then, while under duress to make a late post, you find an amusing story about a guy in China who wants to make a robot-likeness of Hillary Clinton.  Then while trying to be clever and funny you accidentally misreport the story, claiming that the Chinese guy has made a Chelseabot.

The following day, you notice that a new website has thrown you some traffic, so you click on the link, only to find this:


So you scroll to the bottom and discover that you’re now world famous, and that you knocked Wonkette off the preferred status list on Chelsea’s Blog.


Now I’ve got nothing against Chelsea Clinton.  As far as I can tell she’s completely innocent of wrongdoing, except for having an automated blog that she doesn’t run.

By the way, there’s no photoshoppery here.  I stitched 3 unedited screenshots for the first image (amateurish, I admit… you can spot the stitches) and cropped and enlarged the 3rd for legibility.  Honest.

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