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Saturday Matinee – A Catfish, Banana Shorts, Steven Wright, Ten Years After & Edgar Winter

Saturday, 12 October 2019

“We be eatin’ good tonight.” [Found here.]

Multi-tasking Bananas found here.

“I saw a sign that said, ‘NEXT REST AREA 25 MILES.’ I said, “That’s pretty big.”

Steven Wright was/is/will be pure awesome, and your pastor never has to block Wright’s commentaries from his 12 year old daughter either. Heavy duty clean comedy.

Ten Years After was (is) one of my favorite blues-rock bands before I knew what blues-rock was. Those English whiteboys played it nasty.

Next up is Edgar Winter, one of the whitest of the white boys, playing one of the biggest instrumental rock hits ever. Personally I liked his brother Johnny‘s stuff better, but so what.
Now about Rick Derringer

Okay, I’m going to roll the dice and ask you loyal followers an honest question. What was your favorite song / band when you were 20 years old? Leave your answers in the comments below. I’ll try not to cringe.

Have a great weekend, folks, and we’ll do more stuff tomorrow.

Saturday Matinee – Neil Young, Kinky Friedman & Steven Wright

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Powderfinger is one of my favorite Neil Young songs, but this my favorite version.

“Who are we to say the boy’s insane?” – Kinky Friedman on Charles Whitman,

Yeah, Friedman was being sarcastic, and yeah, Whitman was insane. Okay, let’s lighten this up just a tad.

I dare you to watch less than the full clip. Steven Wright is the greatest one-liner comedian since Henny Youngman.

Have a great weekend, folks. We’ll be back tomorrow whether you like it or not.


Saturday Matinee: Planet Drum, Sirens, Spelling Bee Champ, Wright

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Here’s Micky Hart’s Planet Drum from a few years back.  (I have one of the Planet Drum CDs that I play at full blast from my porch on Halloween.  I love the way it echoes around the neighborhood, even if Mrs. Strutts hates it.  When she’d complain, I’d switch to Tom Wait’s “Bone Machine.”  She doesn’t complain about Planet Drum anymore.)

The Sirens from “O Brother Where Art Thou” sang a song both pretty and dangerous.  Great movie.

Spelling Bee pro.  Great recovery.

Ferret nail trimming tips (via AAF.)

Steven Wright… well, you know what they say.  C’mon. You know.

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