The .GIF Friday Post No. 476 – On the Jumbotron, Hot Shades, Fighting Irish & Snowdiver

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Welcome Finicky Penguin, Guest Poster

[Folks, FinPeng has been around the blogospheart at least as long as I have, commenting and blogging with some of the best.  Several months ago he went scooters and abandoned the whole blogging thing…  and now he’s back, as a guest poster.

He’s got a different style of posting than we do here at Tacky Raccoons, but we’ll put a bowl of kibble in front of him and see how it works out.  So let’s all give a round of applesauce to Finicky Penguin!  YAY!  –Bunk]

Howdy, anyone who reads this first sentence or further. I’m Finicky Penguin, and you probably don’t know me from my old blog, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Soda, now an archive of awesomeness. I’m not sure why I named it that. I never really liked The Beatles.

Anyway, if all went well, this is on the site and I’ll be making guest posts from time-to-time.

So, what is awesome?

  • Wikipedia says something awesome inspires awe.
  • Urban Dictionary calls it something Americans use to describe everything.
  • Wikipedia in Svenska says awesome kan ha flera betydelser.

But I, above bulleted lists, prefer to not put awesome into words. Instead, I prefer to show awesome in picture and video. Now, tell me this isn’t awesome:

Chainsaw Bear HiJinks 0701129

(Found it here.)

See that thing? It’s a bear. With chainsaw hands. You’d think it’s impractical, but look at it this way–

bears = awesome &

chainsaws = awesome, so

bear + chainsaw = double awesome (doubleawesome).

It can seriously dice your body so it can eat your fresh meatcubes. But what could make it more awesome? Sunglasses and a motorcycle, but if someone tried to construct a picture like that, their head would explode. I mean, there are several pictures of bears on motorcycles, but they lack the sunglasses and chainsaw hands, and that merits less awesome points than all three combined and the chainsaw picture, but more than the sunglasses.

This is the kind of stuff you get from me.

So anyways, hope to post again sometime. Sayonara.

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