The .Gif Friday Post No. 704 – Spook Bob Scarepants, Vigorous Exorcise & Dead Eyeroll

[Found here, here and here.]


Door Number 3

Door Number 3_Demonicious 081128

[Found buried in here.]

[Update:  The computer hospital called up today and told me that my Univac was healthy again.  I picked up the pup about 3PM, brought him home, combed through the archives for hookup procedures. The good folks at Adam’s Electronics backed up my archives AND programs… on the hard drive.

I don’t know what caused the crash, but I spent all afternoon and evening trying to get it back up and running after a coupla more system crashes.

All my bookmarks are gone, and I haven’t resolved the emailage yet.

It’s now 1:42AM and I’m back online. I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow.]

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