What in the Samhain Hot Links

Cantina Blues, Kevin MacLeod (2008) His music is ubiquitous, he’s composed 1,000s of tunes and soundtrack material, and, because of his disdain for copyrights, he gives it away. Some of MacLeod’s work is free for download on his website, and a documentary is coming.


Spooky Eye Cheeseball.

The Annual Pumpkin Roll.

Halloween decoration fails.

Samhain, Samuin & Samfuin.

Claude Raines costume (for Zoom).

Halloween Glow In The Dark Terrible Towel.

Thwarting body snatchers. [h/t Mme. Jujujive]

13th Floor Haunted House: “They kindly prepare you for what’s going to happen by telling you the legends, then letting you see how much worse the reality is.”
[More haunted attractions here.]

Not sure why anyone would want to avoid Halloween candy leftovers, but here’s a calculator.
[h/t Innocent Bystanders]

No masks, no clown or priest costumes, no corsets, no trick-or-treating for 14 year olds, no Sunday celebrations, no fake mustaches in church, no silly string. In some places, no Halloween PERIOD. Know the Halloween Laws.

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Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

2 thoughts on “What in the Samhain Hot Links”

  1. The Wifely Unit is recording The Munsters Go To England movie from 1966 for me to watch later after I get home from work tonight.
    I caught about a half hour of it last night and asked her to find out if it was on again and to record it.
    It’s gotta be fifty years since I have seen it and almost didn’t remember it at all.

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