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We have a Winner! Sorta.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Regarding THIS CHALLENGE, everyone who submitted a .jpg file of a guy pointing directly at the Hi-Def camera during the NY vs. Boston game, 4 July 2008, at Yankee Stadium, won the prize.

Note that everyone who won is named Mik.

Here’s Mik‘s Winning Entry above, but it was not the one I was looking for.  Here’s the one I found below:

Since everyone (Mik) who entered emailed me to complain about the time they wasted trying to find the Pointer, I emailed Mik back with a detailed description of his prize:

A Genuine Motile WR30M “Third/Level Waterproof LED Back Light Sportwatch” (sic) made China, including display case and instructions!

Shown at right in its display case on top of tonight’s leftovers, it keeps time, beeps and lights up (as shown below right) and times things once you figger out the directions.  It’s apparently a knockoff of something made by Timex, but also something a 10 year old little bastard would prize until he finds out through trial and error that “water-resistant” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing in Mandarin.

Mik had so much annoying fun with this contest that he’s declined his award (he already has a Chinese “sportwatch”) and is willing to donate it to a future event.  Bunk never argues against generosity.  Y’all are forewarned.  Another competition is in the works.  Or not.

[Thanks, Mik!]

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