The .Gif Friday Post No.102 – Rooster Cat Fight, Splash Kangaroo and a Very Tacky Raccoon

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Kangaroo Puddle_4gif 091006

dancingraccoon_Your daily gif blog 090928

Dang. I’d love to take credit for that last one, but it ain’t mine.

[Update: Apparently the last animation is by HappyToast.]

[Found here, here and here.]


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

10 thoughts on “The .Gif Friday Post No.102 – Rooster Cat Fight, Splash Kangaroo and a Very Tacky Raccoon”

  1. plane– What? And have to get a new drivers’ license, ID’s and checking accounts? Sounds like a lot of trouble. As for the kangaroid, I’d have followed him until he wasn’t paying attention just to put a bic lighter to his tail. I bet he’d jump even faster back to the puddle. =)


  2. Hi Bunk! glad to stop by, I been bizzy lately-

    This is good~
    The top clip- “Oh and the cat gets in a left, oooh and another hard left and another!” Pussycat told that Rooster to stay on HIS side of the hose.

    Clip 2-I luv it, great hops, nice tail… hehe…hah.

    Clip 3- sweet- I can hear a Merry Melody!

    LAUGH! ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
    “Sorry Dad, I know you just laid down for a nap, I probably woke you, Bunk’s fault!…. Haha..”


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