Man Hasn’t Washed Face In 43 Years

Seattle, WA (Strutts News Services) – Dennis Mitchell, born at the age of four in 1951, was immortalized by his cartoonist father Hank Ketcham in the now world famous comic strip, “Dennis the Menace.”

Over the decades Hank Ketcham left black and white emotional scars daily (and three-color ones Sundays) on his pen-and-ink son Dennis, who later became a wealthy recluse in his adult years.

Dennis, the ultimate rugrat, turned 18 in 1965, and has never washed his face since, although he admits to taking weekly baths in his natatorium that he refers to as “The Moat.”

When asked why he still refuses to wash his face, Dennis, now 61, responded without emotion, “Why not? You’re not my mother,” and promptly returned to a large leather-upholstered rocking chair facing the northeast corner of his crayon-enhanced living room in Belmont Shores, California.

[Image from here via here. Related posts here and here.
Apologies to the late Hank Ketcham.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

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