Something Went Splat.


dinos-in-heaven_Geekologie 091005

All Dinosaurs go to heaven, and there’s teh proof in glorious duotone watercolor.  At least they look happy.

It makes me smile, not in the, “Good God am I glad we don’t have to deal with THOSE things,” but in the “Wow. I wish I’d thought of that!” kinda way.

A Giant Cthulhu tentacled thing just throws them all up into the pink vapors without consideration for the various epochs that the various depicted giant lizards lived in. Must have taken a long time, or else The Tentacled Thing compressed millions of years of time before it puked and sent them to kingdom come. Compression of time and space in duotone watercolor.

I love it.

[Found here, same place I found this cool video.]

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