Miss Blank


Not much explanation is necessary for these, unless you have dirt on the babes that you wanna share.

Miss Darby’s Restaurant.

Miss Arthur Godfrey Road.

Miss Auto Show 1965 is really Miss Van Nuys, standing next to Mr. Scissors who is cutting off the last of her tentacles.

Miss WSTC Alumni 1948.

Miss OCT 60.

Miss Somethingorother 1946, Taylor, Texas. (Standing on stilettos in dirt, her name is Flo Kruger, age 16.)

Miss Lightning-Bolts-Coming-Out-of-Her-Head 1963.

[Images from Square America and here, here & here.]

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6 Responses to “Miss Blank”

  1. S. Le Says:

    Miss Lightning-Bolts is brilliant!! Especially her blue boots! Fantastic!

  2. The Necromancer Says:

    Miss Arthur Godfrey Road is a total babe.

  3. Bunk Strutts Says:


    I can’t comment without getting into trouble with the lovely and awesome Mrs. Strutts, so you’re on your own. (But if Miss Arthur Godfrey Road had something to do with train tracks, I’d say she had a nice caboose, too, Necro.)

  4. joecetta Says:

    I think Miss Darby’s Restaurant might be my mom, but I’m too afraid to ask her in case it is.

  5. shouldntyou Says:

    Shouldn’t you at least credit squareamerica.com for ripping most of these pics from their site?

  6. Bunk Strutts Says:

    shouldntyou– Shouldn’t you at least look at the links at the bottom of the post before you embarrass yourself?

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