Saturday Matinee – Quatermass & The Pit, Big Guitars From Texas, Don Leady & His Rockin’ Revue and Bottleneck John

The Quatermass & The Pit [1967].
Gonna have to check this one out (h/t Possum).

Big Guitars From Texas Do the Dootz ca. 1985: Evan Johns, Don Leady, Denny Freeman, Frankie Camaro, Keith Ferguson and Mike Buck.
Buck (drums) and Ferguson (bass) were original members of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Leady & Ferguson were also members of The Tailgators, Leady, Buck & Johns were with The LeRoi Brothers.

Don Leady with Alberto Telo (drums), Gil T (bass) and a 13 year old Jack Montesinos (guitar) cover Sonny Fisher in 2015.

Johan “Bottleneck John” Eliasson (Resolian guitar) with Oskar Arhusiander Stefan Swen (harp) and a 1920 Midwest Utilitor (rhythm) live from Sweden in 2011.

Today is happening and tomorrow is expected to arrive on schedule, so have a great weekend and we’ll see you then.



Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Matinee – Quatermass & The Pit, Big Guitars From Texas, Don Leady & His Rockin’ Revue and Bottleneck John”

  1. I always loved that movie. It’s known here in the states as “Five Million Years to Earth”. The fact is that I loved all of the Quatermass movies. The first one that I had ever seen as a kid back in the early sixties was ” The Quatermass Xperiment”, known here as “The Creeping Unknown”. Scared the hell out of me. It was the first in the series. The second was “Quatermas II” which was retitled “Enemy From Space”. All three are worth a screening if you are into classic scifi/horror movies…..

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    1. I’d never heard of the Quatermass BBC show, let alone the movies, until just recently when a Brit friend posted the trailer. I vaguely remember the title Five Million Years to Earth and I’m sure I saw it long ago. Seems the series has an interesting background, and is connected to the crowning of Queen Elizabeth.


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