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Hee Haw Breakdown, Nolan Cormier & The L.A. Aces (1971) From  Lousiana Cajun Music Special, Swallow Records 1988:
“Cut in 1971 at the first recording session of Swallow’s last recording studio, this Cajun ditty became an instant hit regionally, and then skipped over the Atlantic to become a popular Cajun hit in England as well.”

118 118


Cajun math.

On restrictions.

Stan, the Bridge Man.

Encountering a feral Humpty [via].

Marimokkori is just creepy. Marimo is not.

Sharks are smooth as hell [Twitter thread].

Interactive live map of Russian invasion with linked sources.

[Top image: US Track and Field sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson‘s left index finger.]

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