I Don’t Know What It Means Either.


[Received via email, don’t know the source. Tip ‘o the Tarboosh to Carla B.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

7 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What It Means Either.”

  1. As best I can tell, the top headline reads, “Let’s laugh at the wierdo!” I haven’t spent time on the rest of it yet.

    I never got good enough at Japanese to read a paper, but I’ve still got some reasonable references available.


  2. Actually, I can’t say that for certain. The first two characters in the headline can be read as “hen” and “kan.” Kan means man or person. Hen means change, but it’s the same “hen” character (I’m aware of 7 that have that pronounciation) as in “hentai,” which I’ve usually seen translated as “perverted.”

    Maybe if I get time to try to translate more of it. I could certainly use the practice.


  3. Wheels– Don’t waste your time, unless you wanna polish up your KanaSpeak. The post was all in fun, and I jammed in images of Godzilla and Ghidora arguing over whether KISS, CHEAP TRICK, or the RAMONES was the better band of the late-1970’s, as if it really matters.

    FinPeng says I’m welcome. As if it really matters.

    Nick Adams– Thanks. As if it really matters.

    Tommy & Marky– I’m not worthy. As if it really matters.


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