Male Anorexia Recovery Clinic


Think that’s disgusting? Wait until they all get up. Now imagine the sound of sweaty Naugahyde shifting, coupled with the scent of stale beer, talcum powder and flatulence.

What’s worse than that? YOU get to knock on their door at 2AM and tell them to quiet down.

[Found here.]

9 Responses to “Male Anorexia Recovery Clinic”

  1. geagleesq Says:

    Excusez-moi, Effendi Bunk

    Ladies Children and Animals of erudition and taste visit this Blogge

    What a Sight to post on this normally Genteel Space

    Are you able to assure them that no Raccoon was hurt or injured in this UnSeemly Crushe of Over-Blubbered Humanity



    G E

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Herr Eagle–

    Your intrepidity and fair assessment of this post is appreciated. I may have breached the decorum of the TR Code of Honor, but what’s done was did. I’ll tighten up. After all, blogging is not rocket surgery, and tomorrow is just two days past yesterday.

    At least I don’t post videos of cheese rolling competitions.

  3. G Eagle Esq Says:

    Salve, Magister Bunke

    The full horror of this Poste is just become apparent

    This is in fact a Holding Tank of Tree-Octopus-fodder (which translated into Englisch means over-blubbered US Tourists)

    Their complacent Visages indicate their little comprehension of their future fate, now that kindly Mrs Palin is not in the White House to protect them


  4. G Eagle Esq Says:

    For more aboput the Tree Octopus of the Canadian Rain Forest :

  5. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Sr. Eagle– So they’re feeders. And here I thought it was just a random collection of obese beer guzzlers. Thanks for the update.

  6. raincoaster Says:

    This is why we started holding “Cuddle Puddles” in the Deep South: to get a supply of docile, unsuspecting fodder for our Tree Octopi.

    You wouldn’t BELIEVE what the pet store charges for a herd of those fellas!

  7. Bunk Strutts Says:

    rain– So the mountain comes to Mohammed! We’ve covered the royal herds before, and posted them here as well.

  8. Metro Says:

    Sr. Strutts.

    Obviously these people ARE anorexic (for EaGles: “anorectic”). Anorexia is a disorder in which one always sees a fat person when one looks into the mirror.

  9. Bunk Strutts Says:

    Metro– Excellent visual acuity on your part. It IS a mirror image.

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