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Saturday Matinee – Not For The Squeamish.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

When a giant tortoise attacks. Warning – Not for the squeamish.

Building demolition time lapse. Warning – Not for the squeamish.

Routine traffic stop goes bad. Warning – not for the squeamish.

Cup stacking otter. Warning – Not for the squeamish. [via Jonco.]

Great compilation of pranks from around the world.

Eventually we’ll get around to posting vids just for The Squeamish, but until then, have a great weekend folks. See you back here tomorrow, assuming you’re not squeamish.

Have Anybody Particular in Mind?

Sunday, 22 February 2009


We know nothing about this photo except that it is an excellent depiction of an afterthought from someone apparently named “Satellite.”  He had a great (yet vague) directive for all passersby to “Stop Abusing.”  Good thing he clarified it, otherwise he’d look like a moron.

[Found here via EB‘s sidebar.]

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