WTF Boots

My guess was that they are stunt riders, riding backwards and using the tips of their boots as spurs. Heh. I was wrong.

According to the link below, this fad is more popular in the U.S. than it is south of the border.

[Image found here. For video explanation, click here.]


Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

7 thoughts on “WTF Boots”

  1. Tony– Maybe the boots are so they can scratch their backs while doing sit-ups.

    Tattoo Jim– I think it’s a retro thing. I had a pair of yellow and green plaid peg pants when I was in junior high.

    Wheels– ¡Son duendes Méxicanos!

    SG– Just wearing those boots would cause anyone to trip. 😀


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