Sock Puppetry



Last week, VE (of VE’s Fantastical Nonsense) went on vacation, and axed yours truly and several others to serve as Sock Puppets, to post and respond to comments as VE.  (Bunk had fun on Earth Day.)

VE returned and fessed up today…  in a moment,  the rest of the story


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2 Responses to “Sock Puppetry”

  1. VE Says:

    You did an awesome job as my imposter! I was just going to say to be sure to link your great work and I see that you have! That was a lot of fun.

  2. Bunk Strutts Says:

    VE — I bet you say that to all the girls. The comment moderation was the fun part, and not as time consuming as I thought it would be.

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