Mr.T Done NeeNo JibbaJabba Boutis Socks.



1. Done gimme no jibbajabba, foo.

2. See Commandment above, foo.

3. Ah pity da foo done unnastan nummas ONE an TWO.

4. Ah done harley wanna touch dis green-shirt-wearin foo. He smell funny. An keep dose joov-nall-matchin-sock-foos behinda fents.

[Excellent album cover find from (the late) Your Daily Awesome. More Mr.T excellence may be found here and here. Oh yeah. Here, too.]

2 Responses to “Mr.T Done NeeNo JibbaJabba Boutis Socks.”

  1. Finicky Penguin Says:

    Thanks for linking. 🙂


  2. Finicky Penguin Says:

    That’s the official insignia of the ten commandments of T-ism. Oh, by the way. Your in the IBlog Cup. You’d better link to their site. Voting starts on the first.


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