Another Babe Magnet



I can almost hear it now:

“Josh! Bryan! You won’t believe it– I just scored a 6-pack of carrot extract and, get this, a whole bag of sun-dried figs! ROADTRIP!!”

“Dude! Gotcha covered! Got some ‘Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf!’ We gonna boil some water tonight!”

(The only thing worse than that photo is the embarrassing notion that the industrial designer of the lame-o 1965 Ford Country Squire is still alive to see this.)

[Image buried in DRB. More Babe Magnetism here.]

UPDATE: We’ve gotten such excellent responses from the Babe Magnet posts that we’ve added a new category just to make it easier for you Babe Magnet hounds to find related posts. I guarantee you that there will be more on the way. –Bunk

4 Responses to “Another Babe Magnet”

  1. indianamatt Says:

    I thought maybe the Partridge Family replaced their bus.

  2. diesel Says:

    Surprisingly enough, all that crap actually improves the Country Squire’s aerodynamics.

  3. sarahenity Says:

    bunk you may as well add a couple of apples to the batfins while you’re at it.

    it’ll be one sexy car!

  4. Bunk Says:

    sara– Wow. I hadn’t thought of that. We could be tooling around town in the first fruit-bat mobile… I’m on it.

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