Tacky Raccoons Considers a New Feature!


After convening uncovening the Board of Supervisors here at TR Central, the decision was unanimous. After this coming Sunday, post, TackyRaccoons will may start posting


as a new weekly feature, scheduled to appear every Sunday morning. occasionally. Our intention is to provide helpful questionable advice for all some maybe just a couple of our readers on any topic. Questions may be dumped in Bunk’s lap at forwarded to bunkstrutts@verizon.net, or posted below in the response section. We’ll collect them, chuckle to ourselves, and respond within 24 hours in a future post.

Forward your question(s), include your first name only, your city and state/province/country, and we’ll see how it goes. No email addresses or actual names shall be posted, so it’s all anonymous, and all in fun.

TR reserves the right to accept or reject any submissions, and to edit them, or not. There is no implied guarantee that any submittal will be used in future posts. Email a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want your submittal to be returned unused so you may forward it to another site.

[Image from here. Apparently it’s an early French typewriter, odd in that the typist couldn’t see what was typed until the page was removed and turned over. Minor design flaw.  Kinda like this post.]

Author: Bunk Strutts

Boogah Boogah.

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